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Womenade Administrative Fund - Letter to Supporters 4/2017

Since 2003, SLO Womenade has grown from a group of 7 women raising $2,600 per year for charitable distribution to a countywide, networked resource, disbursing more than $168,350 last year and a total of $765,000 given so far to help those in need in our community. As our ability to help needy families in our area has increased, so have our administrative needs as a growing nonprofit organization. We need informational materials such as brochures and business cards, office materials such as printer paper and stamps, and liability insurance to protect the organization.
In the past, Sandy Richardson and other Board members had purchased the necessary administrative materials outright, without reimbursement from SLO Womenade. As our organization continues to grow and these administrative costs continue to mount, we have been reaching out each April and asking Womenade supporters to consider a tax-deductible donation to our Administrative Fund.
The Administrative Fund is a completely separate account from the general Womenade Fund. The general Womenade Fund will continue to go exclusively towards meeting the needs of our community. The Administrative Fund will ensure the continued growth of Womenade as we share in the day-to-day costs of running an amazing non-profit and keeping the rest of your regular donations directed towards meeting community needs.

As you'll see in this link, our projected 2017 Administrative Fund budget goal is $7,532. Please consider a contribution to the fund in addition to, or in lieu of, your normal contribution. To donate or sponsor a line-item on the Administrative Fund 2017 Budget(link to budget) please email Elaine Richardson Stewart or enter "Administrative Fund" on your check memo or online donation note. If you're interested in being a matching donor, please contact Elaine directly.

Thank you for your continued support of SLO Womenade. We have done so much for the people of our community, and hope to continue growing and serving for years to come. Your personal involvement and financial support make all of it possible.  


Elaine Richardson Stewart
Board Secretary
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