How we started

How we started

In 2003, Sandy Richardson had recently retired from a career as a teacher and was looking for what she would do next. After reading an article in Real Simple magazine about a pediatrician who had been helping local families with unmet financial needs, she thought the process sounded doable. She contacted seven friends who invited their friends to a potluck, and Womenade in San Luis Obispo was formed. 

San Luis Obispo County Womenade became a 501(c)(3) non-profit in November 2009. Our scope and reach has increased, but the same vision and format of the grass roots organization remains. We depend on our four (4) potluck dinners each year, when members and their guests donate $35. 

Womenade has also expanded the consciousness of the community, no longer accepting only monetary donations. One of the most fulfilling aspects is when we are able to match a specific need or request with a generous community member's in-kind donation. You can find out about these specific requests and like our Facebook pagesubscribe to our email newsletter, and follow our blog.

Sandy Richardson coordinates need requests with potential donors and stores the donated items in her home until they are delivered. Womenade is run solely by hundreds of volunteers, donors, and Sandy.

Today, the non-profit serves San Luis Obispo County and donates items, time, and money to meet the essential needs of those in crisis. Since Womenade’s formation in 2003, more than $750,000 (as of April 2017) in funds has been collected to provide dental and medical care, diapers, furniture, rent, gas, groceries, and much more. In addition, hundreds of items, including furniture, formula, clothing, and more, have been donated. 100% of all financial donations are used to support those in crisis.
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